Junior Cup – Round 8 Hockenheim – Final Race


8 Laps

1st. M.Winkelhock
2nd. R.Walch
3rd. w.Bergmeister
4th. w.Schütz
5th. G.Butenhoff
6th. R.Braun
7th. G.Lensing-Hebben
8th. D.Müller
9th. D.Hueck
10th. G.Van Lennep
Fastest Lap
R.Walch. 2.55,5 min =
139,2km/h (84.5 mph)
Guest Drivers
Christian Neureuther
(Alpine skier)
Gijs van Lennep (Pro-Driver)
Rainer Braun (Journalist)

L-R. Manfred Winkelhock, Wolfgang
Schütz and Willi Bergmeister on the Hockenheim grid.

Winkelhock leads pole sitter Rudi
Walch (15) and goes
on to take another race win.

Manfred Winkelhock leads Wolfgang
Schütz out of the Sachs Kurve.

Dieter Müller(7) leads Luis
Bachmaier(1) whom after leading the title chase since round four, finishes the
championship in third place behind Bergmeister and Schütz.

Winkelhock and Bergmeister, 1st and 3rd in the race respectively. Manfred’s sash reads ‘Preis von Baden-Württemberg’.

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pics of Round 8
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End of season
points standings

1st. Willi Bergmeister 248
2nd. Wolfgang Schütz 245
3rd. Luis Bachmaier 243
4th. Berthold Bermel 224
5th. Manfred Winkelhock 223
6th. Friedel Reese 188
7th. Dieter Müller 182
8th. Gert Butenhoff 173
9th. Wolfgang Sander 172
10th. Gert Schreiber 155