Junior Cup – Round 6 Norisring


22 Laps

1st. M.Winkelhock
2nd. W.Bergmeister
3rd. L.Bachmaier
4th. H.Kotthoff
5th. W.Schütz
6th. B.Bermel
7th. H.J.Hoffknecht
8th. V.Hartke
9th. G.Butenhoff
10th. G.Schreiber

Fastest Lap
L.Bachmaier 1.12,1 min = 114.34km/h (71 mph)

Manfred Winkelhock(8) leads Luis Bachmaier(1) and Bermel(4).

The following pack of Bergmeister(2), Sander(7), Hoffknecht(22) and Müller(9).

Dieter Müller(9) and Wolfgang Schütz(3) battle for position, Butenhoff keeps clear.

Gerhard Püttbach(26) leads Karlheinz Günther(27) at the Dutzendteich Kehre.

Ortwin Reichart(12) Gert Schreiber(18) and Friedel Reese(5) attack the Grundig hairpin.

Gert Schreiber(18) and Friedel Reese(5) at the Dutzendteich Kehre.

Gert Schreiber’s memories of the race;

“I remember this July day in 1976 as one of the hottest days ever, the temperature inside the black Scirocco was well above 50 degrees Celsius!!! I made my own cooling system: wringing a towel filled up with ice crunches around my neck gave me some advantage for the first laps, the rest was incredible.  I stepped out of the car being totally wet from neck to feet, I’ve never ever had a race or rallye like this again.”

Manfred Winkelhock three-wheeling to victory.

Junior Cup Standings after 6 rounds
1st. L.Bachmaier 193
2nd. W.Bergmeister 187
3rd. W.Schütz 184
4th. B.Bermel 182
5th. M.Winkelhock 156
6th. F.Reese 138
7th. W.Sander 129
8th.= D.Müller 127
8th.= V.Hartke 127
10th. G.Butenhoff 119

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