Junior Cup – Round 4 Mainz-Finthen

Castrol-Rennen Mainz-Finthen

30 laps


1st. L.Bachmaier

2nd. F.Kissel

3rd. W.Schütz

4th. D.Müller

5th. B.Bermel

6th. J.Steiner

7th. M.Winkelhock

8th. F.Reese

9th. G.Lensing-Heben

10th. W.Gelbach

11th. W.Bergmeister

12th. H.J.Hoffknecht

Fastest Lap

L.Bachmaier 1.08,7 min = 112,7 km/h (70.03 mph)

Guest Driver

H.J Friedrichs (Journalist)

Luis Bachmaier, winner of the Mainz-Finthen round.

Gerhard Püttbach in the Mainz-Finthen paddock.

Ortwin Reichart takes the scenic route.

Bachmaier leads Kissel onto the main straight/runway 26 at Mainz-Finthen airfield circuit.

Friedhelm Kissel is closely followed by Schütz, Müller and Reese at Turn 1, off of the runway and onto the taxiway.

Friedel Reese(7) pushes his Scirocco to the max with Volker Hartke behind.

Despite the text stating ‘Norisring’, this photo from a Castrol ad was taken at Mainz Finthen. Car 40 is driven by Klaus Peter Eichner under the pseudonym ‘Peter Crest’ as he was sponsored by Crest Hotels.

Wolfgang Schütz(4) heads for the final podium spot with Friedel Reese and Dieter Müller behind. They finished 8th and 4th respectively.

Luis Bachmaier, with heavy damage, wins and tops the points standings.

Junior Cup standings after 4 rounds

1st. L.Bachmaier 132 points
2nd. W.Bergmeister 124 points
3rd. W.Schütz 123 points
4th. B.Bermel 121 points
5th. F.Reese 101 points
6th. G.Butenhoff 100 points
7th. W.Sander 97 points
8th. M.Winkelhock 95 points
9th. D.Müller 94 points
10th. I.Muhle 90 points