Junior Cup – Round 3 Nürburgring

Minolta-Rennen Nürburgring

5 laps


1st. W.Bergmesiter
2nd. H.Kotthoff
3rd. F.Kottulinsky
4th. K.Mauer
5th. W.Sander (3rd)
6th. H.J.Hoffknecht (4th)
7th. D.Müller (5th)
8th. W.Schütz (6th)
9th. L.Bachmaier (7th)
10th. G.Schreiber (8th)
11th. B.Bermel (9th)
12th. G.Rasch (10th)

Guest drivers results are underlined and in italics. They do not score points, this promotes the regular series drivers accordingly. Their points scoring position is in brackets.

Fastest Lap

F.Kottulinsky 10.39,5 mins = 128,5 km/h (79.8 mph)

Guest Drivers

Freddy Kottulinsky

Karl Mauer (Journalist)

Wolfgang Zimmerer
(Bobsled champion)

Race start at the Nordschleife, approaching the Südkehre.

L-R. Bachmaier, Rasch, Schreiber and Bermel.

 Gerhard Püttbach(21) leads Gert Schreiber at Breidscheid.

Gerhard Püttbach at the infamous Karussell.

19 year old Gerhard Püttbach on the Südkehre.

Gert Schreiber(31) and Gerhard Püttbach(21), the two much appreciated contributors to this site. How great for them to be in the same photo.

Püttbach pulls out a gap at Brünnchen.

The lead car in this photo is driven by journalist Karl Mauer of Auto Motor und Sport magazine. Although not clear, the car has ‘PRESS’ markings on the bonnet.

A series of photos entering and exiting Karussell.

Freddy Kottulinsky(48) shows his talent by working his way through the field. Note the ‘TOP’ markings on the bonnet that indicate he is a guest pro-driver.

Gerhard Püttbach(21) and Berthold Bermel(6) at the Südkhere.

Bernd Wicks car being recovered after crashing out in the first practice round. The ‘Green Hell’ claims another wreck.

Dietrich Hueck’s car after a training session roll.

Of the incident Gert Schreiber recollects;

“Didi had a dramatic roll over in training session at the famous ‘Schwedenkreuz’, a jump and slight left corner after the jump which cannot be seen before, so you have to be very accurate and cautious in steering before the jump and after jumping touching the tarmac again. Even the Scirocco was quite fast before that jump, a modern Porsche GTR3 RS is frightening for every amateur

Friedhelm Kissel(17) gets a little sideways with Rudi Walch closing in.

Gert Schreiber from Mönchengladbach in training.

Gert Schreiber on race day.

Joseph Steiner, full bore.

Günther Wormser takes on “The Ring”.

For more great images from Nürburgring, click here Gotty.de

L-R, Kotthoff 2nd, Bergmeister 1st and Sander 3rd.

1980 Dakar rally winner Freddy Kottulinsky pictured above with a Cup Scirocco at Hockenheim, was a guest driver for this round of the Junior Cup. 36 years later, his grandaughter Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky took part in the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Scirocco R-Cup. She was also the first woman to win a race in a VW racing series, coming first at Norisring in 2014.

Junior Cup Standings after 3 rounds

1st. W.Bergmeister 100 points
2nd. L.Bachmaier 98 points
3rd. W.Sander 97 points
4th. W Schütz 91 points
5th B.Bermel 89 points
6th. G.Butenhoff 84 points
7th. F.Reese 74 points
8th. I.Muhle 72 points
9th=. G.Rasch 71 points
9th=. Ortwin Reichart 71 points