Junior Cup – Round 2 Sylt

Castrol-Rennen auf Sylt

10 laps


1st. W.Bergmeister
2nd. F.Reese
3rd. F.Kissel
4th. B.Bermel
5th. L.Bachmaier
6th. G.Butenhoff
7th. D.Müller
8th. W.Sander
9th. W.Schütz
10th. R.Rudolph

Fastest Lap

W.Bergmeister 2.66,1 min = 134,4 km/h (83.5 mph)

Guest Drivers

Keke Rosberg (Pro-driver)

Udo Lindenberg (Musician)

Rudolf Rossberg (Journalist)

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Willi Bergmeister(10) hunts down Georg Lensing-Hebben(3)

Luis Bachmaier(2), Wolfgang Schütz(6) and Georg Lensing-Hebben(3) in close formation.

Guest pro-driver and future F1 World Champion Keke Rosberg(48) in the midst of the action with Josef Steiner(14).

Gert Schreiber comments;

“At Sylt I started from 6th pos, Dietrich Hueck from “Team Heydt Korn” was one row behind. After his row the great chaos broke out, I think 5-6 cars hit another and there immediately was a big gap from the first 8 to the field. Unluckily my team mate was pressing very hard on me and he forced me into one of the tyre chicanes at the infield of the airfield. Result: my steering in right corners was very hard, it was like driving a 40 ton lorry without power steering. At the end I had not calculated enough gasoline to finish because the  race control added 2 additional laps because of the starting chaos.”

Race winner Willi Bergmeister (2nd from left). Guest Junior Cup participant, musician Udo Lindenberg, is sat in front wearing the cap.

Bergmeister chats to Lindenberg at the airfield circuit on the island of Sylt.