Junior Cup – Round 1 Sachs-Rennen Hockenheim

Sachs-Rennen Hockenheim

8 Laps


1st. M.Winkelhock
2nd. L.Bachmaier
3rd. G.Lensing-Hebben
4th. W.Sander
5th. G.Buttenhoff
6th. W.Schütz
7th. K.König
8th. W.Danz
9th. I.Muhle
10th. W.Bergmeister

Fastest Lap

H.Kotthoff 2.59,7 min = 135.98km/h (84.5 mph)

Guest Drivers

Christian Neureuther (Alpine skier)

Reinhardt Stenzel (Pro-Driver)

Klaus Schlütter (Journalist)

A fleet of Scirocco Cup cars ready for action, car 24 being that of Dieter Müller.

Gert Schreiber recalls his memories on the race;

“I started my motorsport activities in a group 1 Rally car, an Audi 80GT, the predecessor of the GTI´s in 1974. In 1975 I did some track racing with my friends Mini Cooper 1000. So I was used to race front wheel drive cars, which 80% of the other guys were not familiar with. So the big disaster happened at the first race in Hockenheim, when those Opel Kadett and BMW 2002 guys hit the curbs on the inside of the 2nd chicane, that gave the cars the bump to roll over. 5 cars were lying on another as I remember, one of them was the Ski racer Christian Neureuther. My first training was very good, I was satisfied with the 2nd starting row. On the first lap at position 4 I was at the innermost  side of the Sachs curve when another over-motivated guy hit me on the left inner side, so he must have been on the grass! I was very upset, my rear wheel arch rubbed on the wheel so I had to jump out of the car and with my hands I pulled it out a little bit to continue my race. At the end I finished 24th of 45 starters.”

Winkelhock (43) takes to the front at the start of round 1.

Jörg Plankenhorn (27) and Friedhelm Kissel (16) take to the grass.

Willi Bergmeister (pictured inset) under pressure from the following pack. He also entered a Group 2 Touring car race in the famed orange Jägermeister Scirocco immediately before the Scirocco Cup race, necessitating jumping out of one Scirocco straight into another.

Winkelhock is pursued by Luis Bachmaier.

Winkelhock on his way to victory.

Many drivers in the series had additional sponsorship from local VW dealers. Here we see Kurt König(18)’Pillenstein’, Wolfgand Schütz(38)’Marquardt’and Werner Danz(6)’Adam Hix und Sohn’.

Winkelhock’s car had sponsorship from Nickel, a VW/Audi dealership in Winnenden.

Gerhard Püttbach in the Hockenheim paddock.

Inez Muhle(23) with Schütz(38) and Bergmeister.

Jörg Plankenhorn’s Rocco suffered heavy damage in a roll.

Another victim of the Hockenheim circuit.

More images from the Junior Cup can be found on Christian’s ‘Roccofreak’ site.