Junior Club – Round 7 Kassel Calden

Kassel Calden

20 laps

1st. M.Winkelhock
2nd. L.Bachmaier
3rd. D.Hueck
4th. W.Schütz
5th. W.Bergmeister
6th. T.Reichwein
7th. D.Müller
8th. F.Reese
9th. B.Bermel
10th. G.Butenhoff

Fastest Lap
L.Bachmaier 1.19,5 min = 119,82 km/h (74.45 mph)Guest Driver
Prinz Leopold von Bayern (Pro-Driver)

Günther Wormser(35) negotiates the chicane whilst turmoil starts behind him.

Dieter Müller(8) locks-up to avoid the now out of control car of Hubert Kotthoff(14).

Volker Hartke(9) is ahead when Kotthoff(14) hits the tyre barrier.

Bergmeister(2) takes evasive action.

Heinz Peil

An aerial shot of the chicane.

Winkelhock(5) on the way to his third win of the season.

Hueck(27), Schütz(3) and Bachmaier(1)

Junior Cup Standings after 7 rounds
1st. L.Bachmaier 223
2nd. W.Bergmeister 214
3rd. W.Schütz 212
4th. B.Bermel 207
5th. M.Winkelhock 187
6th. F.Reese 162
7th. D.Müller 152
8th. W.Sander 148
9th. G.Butenhoff 141
10th. G.Schreiber 134