Reading the VIN Sticker

Above is a sample Mk2 Storm chassis info sticker. The top line is the chassis number.

wvw means that it’s a works VW.

zzz are spacing letters.

53 is the VW type number. eg. Beetle=type 1, Polo=type 86, Scirocco=type 53.

z is another spacing letter.

E is the year of manufacture. eg. 1980=A, 1981=B, 1882=C, 1983=D, 1984=E.

K is the place of manufacture. eg. Wolfsburg=W, Emden=E, Karmann of Osnabruck=K.

012345 is the body number.

Line two has the full type number and sales code.

534is a RHD Mk2 Scirocco. 531=LHD Mk1, 532=RHD Mk1, 533=LHD Mk2.

C34 is the Storm sales code. This is not used for any other Scirocco. A good way to check if your car is a real Storm.

Line three has the engine and gearbox code.

DXis the 1.8 injection petrol engine.  4Y is the 5 speed manual sports gearbox

Line four has the paint and interior trim codes.

LK5Y is Cosmos blue metallic. 95 is the blue leather interior.

The bottom numbers are the options included. eg. 560 Steel sunroof.

527 Passenger side interior adjustable exterior mirror.
Storm extras.