Mk2 – GT

When the Scirocco line up was re-arranged in 1985, the GT replaced the CL as the entry level model of the range. Initially the GT came without a bodykit but retained the single headlight setup. A 13″ steel wheel previously used on the GTS was standard fitment as were thicker plain black side moldings and black covering on the B-pillars. The GT still had the small tailgate spoiler at this point.

1985 Scirocco GT in Mars red

For the 1986 model year, the GT gained the double headlight setup and the Zender bodykit that was first used on the Scirocco Storm. A new style 14″ steel wheel was also fitted. It was powered by the 1.6 carb engine. This would be replaced by the 1.8 carb engine in later models. The Scirocco GT was superceded by the Scirocco GTII

Scirocco GT

’85>’88 Scirocco GT interior

’88> Scirocco GT trim