MK1 – GLS Restoration




Finishing Touches


This is the Mk1 Scirocco GLS that was restored by a friend and myself between 1996-1998. It was my friends third Scirocco following a Pearl metallic Mk1 GLS and a Mk2 Mars red GT. He has since owned a fourth, a 1990 Green pearl effect Scala injection.

My friend spotted it for sale at a local garage. Purchased with a few months tax and MOT, the plan was to use it as a fun car and tidy it up a bit. Little did we know that it would go on to become a concourse winner. The car was kept original apart from the Storm spoiler and Weber carb.

Initially the car LOOKED fairly good for the year until it was taken off of the road and the resto began. This revealed the true extent of MK1 rusting horrors. Anyone thinking of taking on this kind of job, DON’T. You will never get it finished unless you are a skilled welder, painter and miracle worker. Sourcing repair panels back then was a nightmare and I had to make some parts from scratch using zintec sheet steel.

Here it is on the day it was bought. The paint had been badly refinished at some point and as you can see, the door bottom is a little rusty. It was in the usual condition that you would expect for a couple of hundred quid. A plus point was the fantastic red interior which was not ripped or worn through. The photo below shows the rotted o/s/r wheel arch.

You can also see that the inner arch is rotting. Again this was
made from scratch and welded in.