Restoration of classic cars and vans.
Specialising in Volkswagen Mk1 Golf Mk1 & MK2 Scirocco, Beetle, Camper
welding, paintwork, mechanicals. Home of the ‘ROCCO GROTTO’.
German site covering original Sciroccos
Click above for the Scirocco Kartei. Loads of interesting features, you can also register your Scirocco on Gregors top notch site.
Superb French site. C’est très bon
One of the best sites for brochures
The German Scirocco forum
Ritchies Scirocco Site
Christian’s Scirocco Homepage

The official Volkswagen Classic site. Click on the image for the original version in German.

Or click here for a version translated into English through Google.

Jörg Fritz Scirocco site