BBS RJ 14”

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BBS RJ 14”

Post by WreckTangle » Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:14 pm

My 1991 GT2 is currently fitted with rather boring, badly painted 14” snowflake wheels shod with nearly new Pirelli 185/60 R14 tyres. I am using the correct length (23.5mm) radius type wheel bolts which I bought new when I got the car since it came with a mixture of radius and conical bolts.

When I get the car out of hibernation in the spring I should like to fit one of my two sets of BBS RJ wheels. These are as follows:

RJ 423 6 x 14 ET 35 currently bare wheels

RJ 358 6 x 14 ET 33 (KBA 41175) currently fitted with serviceable 185/55 R14 tyres

I’m thinking that either way I shall either need new tyres or need the Pirellis transferred. Has anyone tried 55 profile tyres on a Scirocco? I’m guessing they’d be too small.

The 423s were originally from an Opel car but have been reamed out from their original 56.5 centre bore to the 57.0 necessary for a VW. The 358s were an original VAG option for a MK1 Golf but also listed for the Scirocco.

Everything is screaming to me to use the 358s but I wonder whether the increased 5mm offset will be too much. Would I be better off with the 35mm offset? It is less of a change from the stock ET38.

Also, does anyone know exactly what wheel nuts are needed for these wheels? I think the BBS part number is 0923037 for both which is an M12X1.5X26 60°conical seat bolt. Is that correct for the 358s? I had at the back of my mind the VAG option alloys used radius seat bolts like the original steel wheels.

Any thoughts or pearls of wisdom gratefully received. Thank you.

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Re: BBS RJ 14”

Post by Kdc169 » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:50 am

you could try some marker blue and check the contact with radial and cone bolts see which gives best hold/contact..

ive got some original vw workshop info on my phone ill share pics when i upload them to host site