Original Spec Tyres for 13" rims

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Re: Original Spec Tyres for 13" rims

Post by RussGLAuto » Wed Jun 02, 2021 1:42 pm

Afternoon Gents,

Right, quick update on the tyre purchase from Vintage Tyres, got them fitted x 5 a few days ago and you may or may not agree, looking period...

As for handling, road noise etc, well, in all honesty, with the window down, elbow on the sill, loud peddle in the carpet, auto box kick down the order of the day, big stupid grin on ones boat race, I can't really say there is any improvement aside from aesthetics!! :-D

I'm getting there with GLAdis, what's left? Well, some minor rust to sort out on the drivers side rear arch that needs a bit of new metal, getting sorted this weekend, then some smart paint repairs here and there, and then presented to Jim @ White Details for a paint correction and detail.

This year / next year, she'll be good as new. Oh, perhaps get the rear beam and front sussy components blasted and powder coated and fit the Heritage bushings I got from our mate at Dreadnaught Customs (Thanks Tom).

PS, good to off that damn boat... :help:
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Re: Original Spec Tyres for 13" rims

Post by mark1gls » Wed Jun 02, 2021 3:05 pm

Looking good :-D

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