Volkswagen Corrado 2l 16v Late Spec 1994 9A, 11 Months MOT, Hayle, Cornwall £3k ONO

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Volkswagen Corrado 2l 16v Late Spec 1994 9A, 11 Months MOT, Hayle, Cornwall £3k ONO

Post by mk2moo » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:29 am

Full array of images available here:

Great solid VW Corrado for sale. Had lots of love in recent months and is used as a daily.

Previous to purchasing the Corrado in Jan, it had been sat on a drive getting dirty, unused and in need of some love.

Since my ownership it has had lots of new parts like:

New water pump
Selection of new hoses
New thermostat
Oil and coolant change
Oil filter
Rocker gasket
Oil pressure switch
Dizzy o-ring
New battery
Lots of bits removed, cleaned back and repainted like the manifold, fan surround and rocker cover.
New suspension and top mounts
New bottom arm on the OSF
Power steering belt
Steering rack parts such as boot and track rods


Make: VW
Model: Corrado 16V
Engine: 2L 16V 9A
Year: 1994
Mileage: 114k
MOT: July 2020
Current owner: Myself
V5 present:
Service history: Partial
Cambelt change: Unsure

Location: Hayle, Cornwall
Price: £3000 ono
Contact Details: 07898 718 033


Aftermarket exhaust from Cat back. Not loud
Aftermarket BBS Style 16 Inch Alloy Wheel
Aftermarket Coilover suspension, Not low


Good straight body with paint that cleans up very well. Tiny ding in front arch near the bumper join but otherwise in great condition.

Sills strong and straight.

I do have the splitter for the car. It's a 90mm version which I purchased as it didn't come with one. Just haven't had time to fit it.


The interior is clean all there and complete. It has no nasty holes in the parcel shelf or anything like that. The seats are in great condition for the age with minimal wear to the bolsters.

Running gear:

The car starts and stops as it should. There is no hesitation when starting first thing and sits happily in traffic each day. I do 20 miles a day and traffic is a daily occurrence.


All electrics work except from the sunroof. I have a spare motor but it doesn't bother me so I haven't considered fixing it.

The spoiler works when driving and on the switch. MFA and electric mirrors all work.

Bad bits:

Due to the previous poor tracking it needs a new tyre on the front left.
The sunroof motor needs replacing.

Other than those two bits the car is great. Its driven everyday and has had a lot spent on it in recent months.

Any question please do not hesitate to ask.