Mk2 gtx 2l 16v project, lots of extras

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Mk2 gtx 2l 16v project, lots of extras

Post by BlackGTX » Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:42 pm

Mk2 scirocco gtx 2l 16v conversion project



This is my mk2 scirocco gtx with a 2L 16v conversion project

Bought this car already modified back in 2016 so saw no harm in doing an engine conversion. there is a thick folder of history with the car from the early 90s to around 2008, doesnt mean anything now but its an interesting read. have quite a few reciepts for things ive bough though some were ebay or forum users so its not comprehensive

Engine conversion

• audi ACE (6A with an abf head) 2l 16v with KR cams to get it to 150bhp - had it running but not driven much. Only in and out of garage 

• 1.8 DX flywheel & clutch

• DX gearbox 100mm driveshafts

• poly bush front engine mount

• new rear gearbox mount

• new cambelt and tensioner

• new water oil cooler

• new starter

• scirocco 16v loom imported from america and rebuilt

• 16v isv 

• mk2 golf kr ecu also scirocco 16v ecu and new knock box

• new knock sensor

• new lambda sensor 

• new ABF 90° distributor 

• normal straight distributor

• new purple ht leads 

• scirocco 16v inlet in white with support brackets
• 2l throttle body, scirocco 16v cable holder 1.3 golf cable

• scirocco 16v metering head 

• scirocco 16v induction boot & spare

• scirocco 16 injector lines & new injectors

• vw heritage 42 stainles exhaust manofold -heat wrapped

• jetex 2.5" exhaust with twin tips slash cut

• twin slim radiator fans 

Brakes & Suspension

• ap coilovers

• larger front brakes

• rear disc conversion

• braided brake hoses

• corrado 9" sevo / 16v reservoir

• new wishbones with polybushes

• new camber bolts 

• banded steels 

8j front 185 50 15 nankang as1 new 

9j rear 195 50 15 nankank as1 new

• upper lower and rear strut braces

Body & interior
the shell is solid and overall in decent condition. paint isnt perfect but comes up well with wax, are sections that require painting such as drivers door where the moudings removal has damaged the paint

• clear indicators

• smoked rear lights 

• clear side repeators

• door handle armour plates

• eye brow spoiler - not fitted

• new under bonnet sound deadening

• new sunroof seal - not fitted

• joost aly sunroof lifters - not fitted

• dreadnought window scrapers not fitted

• SA clutch cable conversion - not fitted

• new petrol tank 

• stainless steel filler neck

• gt2 seats 

• original steering wheel

• mk2 polo small spline steering wheel

• dreadought brass parcel shell clips & uncut parcel shelf

• tripple gauges fitted oil temp, pressure and volts

• rare polo gt branded gear knob

• full set of door strips

Engine was bought on ebay so is an unknown h/g replacement would be a  idea to maken sure, already had a the cambelt replaced. have a 1.8 KR engine offered as either a replacement if needed

Have spare metering heads and other bits ill put in like spare scirocco 16v inlet, loom sections

Collection in crawley or delivery can be arranged at a reasonable price 

if your not familure with the mk2 scirocco, its an overlooked car with rising prices. i've not been cheap working on this 

Can view the car in this thread ... 19&t=19621

£3500 ono
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Re: Mk2 gtx 2l 16v project, lots of extras

Post by BlackGTX » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:33 pm

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