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My Project

Post by classicline » Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:31 pm


Just thought I would mention my Project. I started this in 2013 when I had to remove the engine,
Had the engine rebuilt, Rear axle blasted and painted rear arches done,

I was collecting parts everywhere I could find them, However due to work and few other things I lost interest in the car until last summer when I got to drive another one,

From then I got the motivation to get this car back on the road.

I have attached a picture of it from the body shop where it has just got a full body re-spray. Left the body kit on as was protected underneath and was tigersealed on.

Between this and my Mk 1 Golf Cabriolet this will keep me busy during this lockdown

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Re: My Project

Post by mark1gls » Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:26 pm

Welcome classicline, we can seem to see your picture? I’ve found the tapatalk app on my phone is the easiest way to post up pictures.

There is a couple of us on here with a Scirocco and a Mk1 Golf cabriolet.

Good to hear you have started again on the Scirocco and shout it you need any help as we will try and help when we can as this is a very helpful and friendly site. :-D

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