9A scirocco engine conversion

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9A scirocco engine conversion

Post by Paddy » Fri Aug 14, 2020 12:18 pm

will a 1988 9A 1.8 16v from a Mk2 Golf, fit into my 1991 Scirocco along with the electrics being plug and play?

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Re: 9A scirocco engine conversion

Post by mk2daz » Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:54 pm

Yes it will.

It can be fitted using all the original scirocco engine/gearbox mounts (if you choose to use the original scirocco gearbox / an 020 gearbox, which you can!)

Wiring will not quite be plug and play as the loom for the 9A will most likely be CE2, whereas your rocco will be CE1. There are just a few wires to splice together from the CE2 engine loom. You may need to get the ecu immobiliser decoded too if it has one.

Another stumbling block may be the downpipe, however i beleive the 9A is not quite as tall as the ABF so a mk1 golf/mk2 scirocco 16v downpipe should work, don't quote me on that however. On my 2.0 16v ABF conversion I made my own downpipe using the lower half of the scirocco downpipe welded to the upper half of the 16v downpipe, with a kink to clear the gear linkages.

Best of luck if you go ahead with it!