Project budget blaster is go....

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Project budget blaster is go....

Post by RogerM » Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:07 pm

Hi all,

I hope to document the transformation of my J-Plate Scala i from tame & tatty to track toy.

Plans for this car are

big brakes (discs at rear too??)
suspension suitable for track use (uprated ARBs, bushes, adjustable shocks, uprated springs etc.)
a bit of a diet (probably better off if I did that than the car!!!!)
ABF 16V motor
aftermarket engine management
oh, and a turbo!

I'm aiming at 300ish BHP and hoping to get the car down to a usable 800kg (ish), that will give her 375bhp/tonne so should be quite a lot of fun!

There is a small hurdle to jump first however, that's the budget .... there isn't one!!!!

Luckily I have a lot of bits from my old GTX, already have some nice bits in the loft and the back up of a fully fitted workshop (lathe, mill, bandsaw, MIG/TIG welding, lots of air etc.) and my background. I've been building / playing with cars for as long as I can remember and am a design development engineer in the automotive industry working on specialist fuel systems.

Wish me luck ... pics to follow

Joined:Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:30 am
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Re: Project budget blaster is go....

Post by RogerM » Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:12 pm

Today mainly consisted sorting some parts out, working out what needed cleaning & painting, what could used as is, what was only fit for the scrap heap and of taking the old shell to the scrapyard .... the resulting £56 was a pleasant suprise, thought hte price of scrap steel had gone right back down!

Thinking about money I've decided to keep track of what it has cost me so far (anything I had bought for the other car I'm considering as zero cost.... I'll keep track of the actual value if I can remember)

Budget Blaster car was bought from Piston Heads for £375

Parts sold off the scrapper to date (including the scrap value) = approx £176 and there are still loads of bits to move on that I don't want.

Parts sold off budget blaster totals £70

So far total recovered £246

Parts bought for the old car but never fitted

Neuspeed front ARB set £55 (Ebay, brand new!)
Strut braces, front upper and lower + rear £50
Spax top adjustable front shocks £45 brand new from a forum
280mm discs
280mm calipers from a Vaux Omaga V6 £60 the pair
Mk2 Gti rear brakes, hubs etc. £45 from breakers
braided brake lines £60
Fox 6 16" wheels & tires £400
Total (£715)

Parts savlaged from the scrapper which will be used on budget blaster

Momo steering wheel & boss
Momo gear knob
Jetex full system
Eibach -60mm springs
Jamex fixed damping, fixed height rear shocks

Parts salvaged from the previous 'rocco (the one Barry sold on for 5 times what he bought off me)

G60 steels, will be trackday wheels unless I change my mind (say about £140)
Clear front indicators (normally £150 from german Ebay)
Clear side indicators (normally about £20)
Kamei grill / eyebrow spoiler (normally about £40)
Momo steering wheel & boss (worth about £50 if I was to sell)

Total value of above £400 + £100 for the car as sold = £500, cost to me £200 a saving of £300

Parts bought for Budget Blaster

Poly bush kit (front arms, rear beam, engine mount) £34 .... Rally Design are easily the cheapest for quality bushes!

Adding all that together so far


Total so far £1078 ... I don't think that is bad for a Scala i with uprated suspension & brakes to trackday specs with 2 sets of wheels to cover! :hugegrin:

Now all I have to do is start to put the car together and hunt down the Mk3 Golf 16v which will donate it's heart.