Wheel refurbishers in bristol area?

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Wheel refurbishers in bristol area?

Post by Adastra84 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:25 pm


I've got a set of wheels for the project and i've had a bash at striping them :hugegrin:

but ... :blush:

it's not going well, the powder coating is so thick it's taken me 4 hours just to clean off the front face of one wheel.

does anyone know of a place in or around Bristol ( i live 20 mile south of bristol in Shepton Mallet ) or Bath / Yeovil / Taunton... etc anywhere SW ish realy, that can strip the wheels for me, and possibly just give them a light paint coat in silver so i can paint them up myself after. but it's mainly to strip them, as i can etch prime them myself if needed.

wheels are 15 x 6, and i've got a local place who will take the tyres off for me free soon as i need it.

TIM :ugeek:

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