What to use ?

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What to use ?

Post by ridinggod » Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:24 pm

Can anyone advise what to use to stick the rubber trim back on the wing with ?
Took it off to paint the wing and its got a metal strip stuck to the back -Should i seperate it from the rubber ?


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Re: What to use ?

Post by millsy20 » Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:05 pm

Some body shops use Tiger Seal to seal thing like bodykits so should be ok to use on the rubbing strips. http://www.paints4u.com/ProductDetails. ... uctID=3319. Heres a quick link you might be able to get it cheaper somewhere else.

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Re: What to use ?

Post by MrP » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:24 am

I agree,

Used it to stick a BBS kit on my mates mk2 golf.

Great stuff.


Re: What to use ?

Post by KindredSpirit » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:42 pm

On the other half's Polo we used EvoStick contact adhesive - brill - better than the stuff you get anywhere else.
It's still on - sticks like sh*t to a blanket!
Make sure all is grease free and polish free first, bit o' White spirit and follow the destructions on the tube.
After all, that stuff is designed for kitchen worktops where they get wet.
Try to do it on a dry day or garaged as it takes 24 hours to fully cure. (I think).