Door / Window Seals and trim Mk1

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Door / Window Seals and trim Mk1

Post by Concoille » Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:29 pm

Hello all
Quick query- anyone have a good source for window and door parts suppliers. Seals, rubbers, guides etc. VW Heritage seem expensive and selective with what is offered.
Additionally trying to source a working tailgate strut

Appreciate any advice.

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Re: Door / Window Seals and trim Mk1

Post by mark1gls » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:28 pm

I used a Mk1 Golf rear boot strut on my boot as I’ve a couple of speakers in the rear shelf and the original items don’t hold my boot up, they worked fine for a few years then the gave up.

The Mk1 golf only had 1 boot strut so that is why they are updated compare to the Mk1 Scirocco which has 2 struts

Original spec boot strut ... gate-strut

Mk1 golf boot strut. ... 3679-p.asp

Mk1 Scirocco door seals are getting hard to find and are starting to fetch silly money, there is a user on here Blueshark who does outer window scrapers, they are repo parts as new items are no longer available.

There’s a place in the USA which sells seals.

Or here. ... 7950-p.asp ... 539-3.html

Or in Germany.

I have seen door seals on eBay but they might be from VW heritage?

Also here for some Scirocco parts..

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