Scala 1.8 injection fuel pump

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Re: Scala 1.8 injection fuel pump

Post by mark1gls » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:48 pm

Yeah... good to hear you got it running and it's an easy fix, you don't have to remove the main fuel pump...

If you can try and get a genuine VW No 62 relay, they do pop up every now and then on eBay.
The aftermarket ones are usually pretty rubbish quality.
Gsf sell after market relays or try eBay, vw heritage.
I used the new aftermarket one while I found a VW one, it's 2nd hand but still works fine. I just keep the after market one as a spare in my glovebox just in case. My cars a daily so I needed to fix it ASAP, I was getting feed up with the pump buzzing away every time I was about the start the car and when I came to remove the aftermarket relay the top came off so had to disconnect the battery to get a screw drive underneath it to prise it out!
My aftermarket one was from GSF and I bought it about 6 years ago so I could be wrong and the quality has improved?

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Re: Scala 1.8 injection fuel pump

Post by Jack92 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:52 pm

Yeah make sense, id prefer a genuine one anyway but none on there currently. I've brought an after market one for the mean time until I manage to get one.

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