Bromley Pageant @ Norman Park
Jun 17 all-day

So – this event has finally entered the 21st century re organising club stands. AMENDED DATE – they can’t seem to master a calendar though…

Bromley Pageant – Sunday 17th June 2018 – Norman Park, Kent

I’ve registered a club stand – all you have to do is use the drop down in the link below, pick the SCIROCCO REGISTER stand and then purchase a ticket as prompted – £7 + £2 booking fee.

PASSWORD for club stand places when prompted is osnabruck

This is the link –

It’s a great show for anybody in the wider South East – and I know that CLUB GTI are booking a stand too so if you haven’t got a rocco that’s good option too.

Lets get this one full up for once – and it doesn’t clash with Stonor either!

2018 Scirocco Register National Meet @ RAF Cosford
Aug 4 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2018 Scirocco Register National Meet @ RAF Cosford

The National Meet will be held on Saturday 4th August and once again will be at RAF Cosford near Telford. As per usual the event will be free apart from the cost of parking (£4 this year for the full day).

Last year we had massive turnout of 94 Scirocco’s parked up between the hangers despite the poor weather in the morning. It’s a great opportunity to meet other owners, old friends, new friends, exchanging part and just being part of our fantastic community.
Don’t forget you don’t have to be a member or even be on the forum just be there in you Scirocco mk1, 2 or 3 (we had a huge turnout of mk3’s last year and would love to see even more) and it doesn’t matter what the car looks like it’s all about being there and taking part in this huge gathering.

As usual they’ll be camping and hotels, but more information on this will follow as will confirmation of the official charity. Details of rally point and “convoys” from throughout the UK will also be arranged, keep an eye out for details.

We’ve been pushing to hit the magic 100 for a few years and I think this year we’ll do it, but we need you and your cars to attend to make it happen.

Right get sharing and let’s make this the biggest National Meet yet.

Team SR