National Meet 2022

As if a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough , last year we also lost our campsite and our long-time venue – RAF Cosford.

Not letting minor issues such as no show ground and no campsite worry us, we’ve sourced a new home for the Scirocco Register National.

This year, we’ll be hosting the whole event at the campsite – Teds at Hunger Hill on Saturday 13th August 2022. It’s a big change, and something of a calculated risk, but we think that it’ll set the tone for the next few years.
We’re still working on the finer points, and we’ll keep you updated.

See you all in August.

Dr Dubs Scirocco Storm Site

Evening everyone,

Back in the day, a man took it upon himself to document everything scirocco.
Last year, we were approached at the National meet by one Dr Dub. He handed over the keys to his famous “Scirocco Storm” site and the associated information held within to us.

Long and short is the new home for the site is within the Scirocco Register website here:…/

In the coming weeks, the existing lineone site will be retired, so please feel free to use the site in its new home (and obviously shout if anything isn’t working).


The SR admin team