National Meet 2022

As if a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough , last year we also lost our campsite and our long-time venue – RAF Cosford.

Not letting minor issues such as no show ground and no campsite worry us, we’ve sourced a new home for the Scirocco Register National.

This year, we’ll be hosting the whole event at the campsite – Teds at Hunger Hill on Saturday 13th August 2022. It’s a big change, and something of a calculated risk, but we think that it’ll set the tone for the next few years.
We’re still working on the finer points, and we’ll keep you updated.

See you all in August.

National Meet 2021

Hi Everyone!

So with the terrible past 18 months and Covid it finally looks like we may be able to have a small gathering for 2021!

We’ve christened it the “Not The National Meet 2021”!

Details can be found on Facebook here: Summer Meet

We’ve also got some great Kit & Mercahndise available for you too

This will strictly be PRE-ORDER and COLLECTION ON THE DAY ONLY

Order from here please: MERCHANDISE

We’ll open up delivery etc. once we have got the meeting out of the way etc. and figured out what is good and works.

Merchandise now closed for pre-orders, we’ll let you know when we’ve got it sorted for home deliveries 🙂

That’s it for now folks, short and sweet!

Team SR.

Scirocco Register National Meet 2020 – CANCELLED


Like all of you, we’ve been watching on with horror as Covid-19 has unleashed itself upon so many lives.

As things have unfolded and other events drop off the calendar, we’ve been keeping an eye on any official government directives that may or may not impact the safe running of our beloved National Meet this year.

Based on the most recent announcements, after much thought and, with regret, we have decided to cancel the National Meet for 2020 – due to be held on 8th August.

Whilst the venue at RAF Cosford is adopting a wait and see position, it’s clear that social distancing will still be in full swing come the beginning of August.

Regardless of whether the museum makes a late call or not we are uncomfortable with the thought of asking a huge group of people to assemble at an already busy museum (assuming it’s open) from multiple corners of the country and beyond.

Throw in camp-site and/or hotel activities – again we’re not convinced either venue will be open for business in the normal sense by then sadly – with large gatherings in close proximity or in enclosed spaces and we’re just not happy about asking people to put themselves, their loved ones and others, at risk.

Disappointing yes, but we are still planning on attending or supporting other shows once Summer 2020 is over – we’ve a small stand booked at Oh So Retro in Margate during September and await formal acceptance as an exhibitor at the NEC Classic in November which will hopefully go ahead in some way.

Beyond this year, we’ve already been discussing activity during 2021 – the club’s 25th Anniversary of course. Watch this space for news around next year’s National Meet and also VW Action.

Indeed – whilst the National Meet is off for this year, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t mark the 8th August in some way. Why not organise a (small) local meeting? Or a Drive out somewhere, not a convoy and all socially distanced of course. Then send us a few words and photos for inclusion in the Autumn Skyrocket magazine?

Finally, we’d just like to say thanks to our many (on the verge of 200) paid members and fellow Type 53 fans from all over the globe for the support, the various likes, tags and follows on social media and for sharing updates about an increasingly impressive and diverse selection of our favourite little German coupes that we’ve ever seen – if you haven’t yet ventured on to our Facebook or Instagram pages you are most definitely missing out on some inspirational project cars.

Good luck, take care and keep in touch.

SR Central – Will, Heath, Jim and Sean

Find us

Twitter – @Type531533

Facebook – Scirocco Register – No Parts Sales

Instagram – sciroccoregister


Practical Classics – Classic Car & Restoration Show 2020

This event has now been postponed until August 2020

We are excited to announce that once again we will have  a stand at the The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show!
Come and find us in Hall 5 on stand 5-865.

We will shortly be sending out a special discount ticket offer to fully paid subscribing members, so keep an eye on your inbox!

The Practical Classics Classic Car & restoration show is the show to attend to kick-start the classic car season. Whether you are looking to ignite your passion to a finish restoration project or simply want to reminisce with family and friends over the beautiful completed classic cars on display, you should join us at the NEC Birmingham in March.

The event brings together 1000+ cars on display, 150+ car clubs representing a wide variety of marques and models; 250+ exhibitors and autojumblers including restoration companies, services providers and product suppliers; car auction, celebrities, car competitions and practical workshops on restoration skills.

To book tickets using the club code (which will be sent to you via e-mail) please click the image below:

NEC 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show

We’re back at the LANCASTER INSURANCE CLASSIC MOTOR SHOW with Discovery for the 12th straight year.

You’ll find us in Hall 5 on stand 5-140 this year and we’ve already started to handpick the cars for display.

There’s obviously time to book discount tickets at and we’ll be updating via our twitter feed @Type531533 and that of the show organisers @ClassicMotorNEC

See you all there across 8-10 November.

Dr Dubs Scirocco Storm Site

Evening everyone,

Back in the day, a man took it upon himself to document everything scirocco.
Last year, we were approached at the National meet by one Dr Dub. He handed over the keys to his famous “Scirocco Storm” site and the associated information held within to us.

Long and short is the new home for the site is within the Scirocco Register website here:…/

In the coming weeks, the existing lineone site will be retired, so please feel free to use the site in its new home (and obviously shout if anything isn’t working).


The SR admin team

Welcome to the revolution, please drive responsibly.

Well if you’re reading this then the new site has gone live (or you were just investigating that WordPress Blog button on the forum) and you’re wondering what the Hell is going on.

It’s fine young Padawan, we’ve just been cleaning house and tying up all the loose ends that have been flapping around for a while.  The summer season is pretty much over and once again we’ve become bigger and better and now the focus is on expansion and eventual WORLD DOMINATION (caution: may be lies).

Over the past year or so the emphasis has been on extending our coverage and making the Register the primary Rocco club in the country and we reckon that’s been a success.  An accidental offshot of this has been the international coverage we’ve received as well, we’ve always had good relations with the Dutch lads but the rapidly growing FB pages have attracted members from all over the world (Oz and Ecuador being the furthest we think) and we’re embracing it.

September sees the return of the very popular Calendar and this year we’ll be doing a separate International version and we’re already looking at doing some more shows on the continent which we’ll be announcing as soon as we get the details.  The membership has been revamped and we’re rushing too get things out as soon as possible and, believe it or not, organisation for next year’s National is already underway.

But we can’t do any of this without you.

Tech tips, show reports and anything else are always gratefully received.

Hang on to your pants ladies and gents.  It’s about to get fun

The brown flakes.

Y’know, rust.

In here we will be talking about keeping your Scirocco alive.  Scirocco 1 and 2 are becoming an endangered species as time, values and indifference threatens to consign these wonderful and underated cars to the scrapman of history.  But fear not, you are here and as long as you remain so the cars will too.  Scirocco Register needs YOU and others of like mind to own and love the cars.  Keep standard and polish or modify like mad are two extremes we love and all points between, the key here is preservation in all forms.

I and guest authors will be spannering, hammering, painting, polishing and fettling in here, sharing what we know.  Hopefully it will be useful or spark debate.  Feedback and tapping into your knowledge would be great, we don’t know everything and had to learn somewhere.  Contributions are welcome.