The 2018 National Meet

Date: Saturday – 04/08/2018
Location: RAF Cosford

Its Here!

The BIGGEST and BEST Scirocco Meeting in the UK, heck possibly even the world!

Location Info:

Once again we have chosen RAF Cosford Nr. Telford as the location.

The central location within the UK and the kindness and ease of organisation with the museum is fantastic, making this an Ideal venue for the event

Directions: … tions.aspx

Date and Timings:

The National Meet will be on Saturday 4th August 2018 from 10am to 4pm

Cars will be arriving at the venue from 10am-ish (see below for convoy details)

Event Info and Pricing:

The question we get asked year on year is “Can i come to the National meet?”

Whilst to some of you it may sound silly but for all the newbies/maybies/absentees the answer to this question is

100% YES!!!

EVERYONE is welcome

Full paying club member, Facebook follower, non scirocco owner, perhaps a little bit curious…(i was never confused!)

PLEASE feel free to come along

The second main question is “How much does it cost?”

Well as always Entrance to the event itself is FREE

We wont charge you anything at all to attend the event


The only small caveat is that the site owners require that you pay for parking!

This is just £4.00 for all day

Considering you will get to meet your fellow Scirocco Register pals and a collection of the UK and Europe’s finest VW Coupes;
You also get FREE access to the RAF Museum and Hangars this really is exceptional value!

Parking at the venue is out of our control, we do not receive anything from this cost and it is MANDATORY if you wish to come, unfortunately there is no way around it.

Cars that are not displaying a parking ticket available from machine on site, (bring some change or there is a card/phone ticket machine in the other car park) may be subject to a parking fine as clearly displayed on parking notices on site.



As always we like to give a little prize away!!

Once again we will hand out voting forms when you arrive

You, the public, will then choose your personal favourite:

– MK1
– MK2
– MK3
– Peoples Choice – This applies to ALL cars not just scirocco’s, we’ve had Datsuns, Golfs, Camper Vans…. you name it. If the rocco wont make it bring something else! So if for some odd reason you rather fancy that little Fiat Punto at the end of the car park vote for it in this category! Everything is welcome to attend and you never know you may take home a prize!

Last year we were a little down on numbers of the MK3, so please please come along this year.

Once again one special person will be presented with the
Ian Croucher Award

This is to commemorate a great stalwart of the club and VW scene.

2015 – Tony Rigg
2016 – Mr Sean Fleetwood
2017 – Hywel & Linda Owen
2018 – TBC!….


I’ll be peddlin me stickers matey as usual!

There will be the usual Logos and “53” stickers available


Hopefully this year we will have a wider range of Merchandise
– T-Shirts
– Mugs
– Lanyards

We’ll probably stick up a Facebook post to get pre-orders on T-shirts for the day, but hopefully we’ll have a few general sized bits and bobs too


All information about camping can be found here: … 49&t=21274


All information about Hotel options can be found here: … 49&t=21275


We DO NOT condone any sort of organised convoy…. you know the score

We know its one of the main highlights of the event!

50+ Sciroccos travelling together down the motorway

It really is a sight to behold!

But legally we cannot condone any sort of organised convoy on the public highways

Lets just say if you find yourself at Telford Service Station, just off the M54 at say around 9am, you might just bump into a few other sciroccos….. Just saying….!! ;-)

So there we go!

PLEASE get the word out



As ever we rely on you guys to turn up and spread the word

As always last year we broke the record AGAIN!!!

Lets go even bigger and better and go for 100+ cars

We had even more amount of positive press from last years show

Not only feedback from you guys but also were slowly getting the word out there to the national media

Don’t forget you don’t have to be a member or even be on the forum just be there in you Scirocco mk1, 2, 3, Corrado… Someone even brings a crappy MK1 golf!

It doesn’t matter what the car looks like it’s all about being there!!

Banger – Rat Look – Show Queen – Daily

We dont care! Bring it along!!!

Right get sharing and let’s make this the biggest National Meet yet.

Team SR