Adrian Flux discount -also available to non members

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Adrian Flux discount -also available to non members

Post by Scirocco » Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:15 pm

Adrian Flux Insurance
Adrian Flux, as a specialist insurance intermediary, are able to provide competitive (and Club discounted) policies to Scirocco Register members and forum users.

Those members that wish to contact Adrian Flux by phone for a quote should call the dedicated ABVWC phone line - 01553 845 881 and to qualify for the discount, mention they are part of the Scirocco Register and quote ABVWC member club VW10.
Adrian Flux will willingly give members a Club discount which can be up to 15% but generally will be between 5 to 10%.

It should be noted, that with each policy successfully taken out, Adrian Flux make a donation to this club. Hence being open to non members also. So help us to help you!