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Post by monzajake » Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:52 pm


This guy is dam good at alloy work.
Browse over his website and take note of the type of cars he works on 99% of time. Expensive stuff and mainly AC COBRAS
Anyway i had a chat with him after i finished a job at his house and he would be interested in making stuff up for fellow car people. So i guess header tanks, washer bottles, rain drip trays & and maybe the odd one off item dash maybe.
What he is not interested in is time wasters and dreamers, Fair enough i understand where he's coming from.
His workshop is a maze of machines and benches stuff that even stunned my ole man (he's mess with cars since 15)

So if your thinking of a bespoke item and your interested in giving him a shout then do it but please keep him happy & sweet.
Please bere in mind he's not clued up regarding rocco stuff so photos and what not would help him

Anyhow his name is Chris Eva i have his number but ive also seen it on the website.