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Quinton Hazell Online Catalogue

Post by seanr68 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:01 pm

Just been surfing around and came across this site.

Its fairly concise and QH products are pretty decent. I used to work in retail car spares and never had any probs with them.
A list of what they cover:
Accessories Boot/ Load Bay
Axle Mounting/ Steering/ Wheels Mounting/Fastening
Steering Links (control arm, trailing link, diagonal arm)
Ball Joint
Mounting, suspension strut
Wheel Bearing
Belt Drive Tensioner Pulley
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Set
Body Gas Springs
Gas Springs
Brake System Brake Caliper Parts
Brake Hoses
Brake Light Switch
Control Levers/ Cables
Brake Disc
Brake Pad Set
Brake Parts/ Accessories
Brake Drum
Brake Lining/ Shoe
Drum Brake Parts
Wheel Cylinders
Clutch/ Parts Repair Kit, clutch complete
Cooling System Radiator /Parts
Sender Unit, coolant temperature
Gasket, water pump
Water Pump
Electrics Alternator
Sender Units/ Sensors
Light Switch/ Lever
Engine Vacuum Pump
Air Filter/ Housing
Engine Electrics
Engine Mounting Bracket
Tensioner Pulley
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Set
Seals, coolant circuit
Oil Filter
Oil Pressure Switch/ Sender Unit/ Valve
Exhaust System Assembly Kit
Exhaust Pipes
Exhaust System, complete
Filters Air Filter
Fuel Filter
Hydraulic Filter
Oil Filter
Fuel Supply System Fuel Filter/-housing
Fuel Pump
Interior Equipment Boot
Maintenance Service Parts Additional Repairs
Service Intervals
Spark/ Glow Ignition Ignition Cable/ Connectors
Ignition Distributor/ Parts
Steering Bellow/Seals
Filter, power steering
Steering Gear/ Pump
Steering Joints
Parts, tie rod assy.
Tie Rod Assembly
Suspension Coil Springs
Ride Height Control/ Suspension Hydraulics
Shock Absorber
Assembly Parts
Suspension Strut Bearing
Towbar/ Parts Parts
Transmission Mounting
Wheel Drive Bellow