2017 – A new look for our 21st birthday

In case you didn’t know it, we’ve got two pages on here. The picture based page that our overseas friends tend to use and the more UK Club focused page that seems to be where most ‘social’ seems to occur.

Both continue to go from strength to strength plus the dedicated event page for the 2017 National meet is attracting enough interest to suggest that we might, whisper it gently, break the 100 car barrier on the 5th August at RAF Cosford.

A looming web-hosting price hike has also given us the opportunity to have a think about the wider web presence – alongside sorting new hosting we decided to give the main website a complete refresh courtesy of new crew member Stephen Millinger.

This fit for the 21st century face of the SR is live NOW.

Visit http://www.sciroccoregister.co.uk/ – we think you’ll like it.

Special thanks to true club heroes Heath Scotchford and Glen Place for allowing us access to their pro-standard photo libraries and Sue Kennedy, whose timeless logo design continues across to the new website.

One thing we have picked up on – the forum is creaking a bit this weekend. Rest assured the IT gurus Stephen and Sander are on the case. Normal service will be resumed soon – and if you’ve never used the forum it really is the best place to look for technical information, build threads and the bulk of the accumulated knowledge about Karmanns finest.

With an increasingly busy twitter page @Type531533 and even an Instagram account we continue to look for new ways to increase awareness and interest in our funny little German coupes.

Finally – for paid up club members a new Skyrocket magazine is on its way this week.

However you get involved – just get involved.